How to reduce your carbon footprint

How to reduce your carbon footprint. How to reduce greenhouse gas generation.

directions_car directions_bus flightTransportation

  • flight Avoid flights
  • directions_bus Take the bus / train
  • directions_bike Ride bicycle
  • directions_walk Walk
  • work Live close to work
  • home Work from home
  • local_gas_station Buy a car with low fuel consumption
  • directions_car Buy hybrid car
  • directions_car Avoid high acceleration / deceleration driving.
  • directions_car When driving look ahead to avoid unnecessary accelerations and decelerations.
  • directions_car Avoid driving with high motor RPM.
  • directions_car Drive with highest gear possible.
  • work Reduce baggage weight
  • close Close the car's windows
  • access_time Avoid driving during rush hour.
  • directions_car Avoid unnecessary car driving.
  • directions_car Avoid car engine idling
  • directions_car Keep tires with proper air pressure.
  • settings Maintain your car on time.
  • map Plan your driving route to minimize the distance.
  • directions_run Prefer stairs to elevator
  • directions_run Use the stairs instead of elevator.

ac_unit Heating & cooling

  • wb_sunny Install solar water heater system.
  • home Insulate your house.
  • home Install window shutters.
  • home Install double glazing windows.
  • ac_unit Prefer A/C heating to electric/gas/wood heating
  • ac_unit Prefer gas heating to wood/coal
  • home Consider to cover your roof with plants
  • home Consider to cover your roof with white paint/cover at summer
  • ac_unit Prefer fan to A/C
  • ac_unit Prefer local heating/cooling to global
  • ac_unit Set air conditioner's thermostat to moderate temperature.
  • ac_unit Use air conditioner heating instead of electric heater
  • ac_unit Use air conditioner locally in the room instead of the whole house.
  • ac_unit Wear clothes that fit the current temperature.
  • ac_unit Wear thick clothes to keep warm
  • ac_unit Wear lite clothes to keep cool
  • settings_power Lower water heater temperature

kitchen Appliances

  • star_border Use Energy Star qualified appliances.
  • power Buy appliances with low power consumption.
  • settings_power Turn off appliances and gadgets that are in stand by state.
  • kitchen Avoid opening frequently the refrigerator door.
  • kitchen Leave enough space between the refrigerator and the wall to allow ventilation.
  • local_laundry_service Wash your clothes in cold water.
  • local_laundry_service Use shorter washing machine program.
  • local_laundry_service Fill the washing machine / dryer / dishwasher before operation.
  • tv Buy LED TV instead of plasma
  • settings_brightness Reduce TV/Monitor/Phone display brightness
  • laptop Prefer laptop over desktop computer
  • settings_power Disconnect electrical charger when it finished charging.
  • cast_connected Prefer microwave oven over toaster oven
  • laptop Set PC energy saving features
  • local_laundry_service Use laundry hanger instead of electric dryer.

lightbulb_outline Lighting

  • lightbulb_outline Turn off the light when you leave the room.
  • lightbulb_outline Prefer LED light over incandescent light bulbs.
  • lightbulb_outline Install presence detector to turn lighting off when leaving the room.
  • lightbulb_outline Use low power light bulbs.
  • local_hotel Go to sleep early.
  • wb_sunny Use sunlight instead of artificial light
  • format_paint Paint the walls white to increase light

shopping_cart Shopping

  • shopping_cart Avoid buying unnecessary products
  • local_shipping Buy localy produced products
  • shopping_cart Buy reliable long-lasting products
  • shopping_cart Prefer renewable resources products
  • build Fix faulty products (if worth it) instead of buying

restaurant Food

  • nature Avoid food containing palm oil
  • restaurant Prefer locally produced food to imported food
  • restaurant Reduce meat & dairy consumption
  • local_gas_station Consider using biogas digester


  • nature_people Plant trees
  • shopping_cart Prefer renewable wood products
  • nature_people Prefer to bury trimming & pruning to burning.
  • print Avoid printing on paper
  • print Print on both sides of the paper
  • description Read online newspaper instead of printed newspaper
  • autorenew Recycle papers

Reduce carbon dioxide emissions

  • thumb_up Support carbon tax
  • Carbon tax should replace sales tax and increase the demand to low carbon products. The amount of the carbon tax should be proportional to the carbon footprint of the purchesed product.
  • Support carbon tax
  • thumb_up Vote for environmental friendly candidates
  • autorenew Recycle waste materials

Reduce electricity consumption

  • wb_sunny Install solar panels on your roof to generate electricity.


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