Tone generator


How to use the tone generator

  • Set volume to low level to protect your ears.
  • Press the Play button to start tone generation.
  • Press the Stop button to stop tone generation.
  • Click frequency slider to set tone frequncy.
  • Click volume slider to set volume.
  • Select waveform shape.
  • Press the Save button to save audio file.
  • Press the Share button to share audio file.


  • If the generated file length is too short, set the Repeat or Loop option is your media player, so the file will play infinitely.

What is tone generator used for?

The tone generator can be used for testing the speakers and the electrical wiring of the speakers or for tinnitus and hearing loss frequency detection.

Hearing range

Human hearing range is usually 20Hz-20000Hz.
If you can't hear a low or high frequency, it might be caused by a hearing problem, or the speaker can not generate the required frequency when the frequency is very low or very high.

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