Pie Chart Maker

Pie chart maker online - enter title, data labels and data values and press the draw button:

  1. You can enter any number of slices with space delimiter.
  2. Use underline '_' for space in data labels: 'name_1' will be viewed as 'name 1'.
  3. Use 2 underlines '__' for 1 underline in data labels: 'name__1' will be viewed as 'name_1'

Pie chart

Pie chart is circle divided to slices. Each slice represents a numerical value and has slice size proportional to the value.

Pie chart types

  • Circle chart: this is a regular pie chart.
  • 3D pie chart: the chart has 3D look.
  • Donut pie chart: the center circle of the pie chart is missing and the chart has the shape of a donut.
  • Exploded pie chart: one slice is separated from the chart to focus the slice.


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