Does god exist?

It is reasonable is to define god as the whole universe (hyperspace). There is no separation - as Spinoza also said that nature and god are the same.

How all the conditions on earth fit exactly for life?

This argument is told as a proof that god exists. There are many parameters on earth that are exactly fit for our life:

  • Distance from the sun - bigger distance cause very low temperature, which will not allow to maintain life. Smaller distance from the sun will cause very high temperature, which will not allow to maintain life.
  • Water level - high water level supports life.
  • Oxygen level
  • Gravity level

All these parameters and many others, are exactly in the range that we need to maintain life, so it indicates that god created them. Actually all these parameters do not exist in trillions of planets in the universe, so we can expect that several plants will have these conditions! Also life evolved on earth while adapting to the existing conditions.


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