What are the dangers I face?

The simple way to answer this question is to look at the statistics.

High pass filter media.

The media shows the people the most extreme and bizarre events in reality. When I say media I mean TV, radio, newspapers and even history books. The poor TV viewer is swamped with extreme violence, extra ordinary catastrophe, and wars. If you read history book, you might think that the people that lived those days, were busy fighting wars all the time. This reality do exist, but it is only a small fraction of the whole picture. Most people have a very regular and boring reality - they go to work, eat and sleep.

This property of filtering out the regular reality and focusing on the extreme events is called high pass filter.

This is usually a bad habit, since you might get a distorted image of reality.

Why Charles Dodgson's pen name was Lewis Carroll?

Charles Dodgson wrote Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and other books. His pen name was Lewis Carroll.

I read that Lewis Carroll was a Latin translation of his name. This may be true, but here is an additional and more simple explanation - phonetic switch:

Lewis  = /La/ + /Is/   Þ /A/ + /Lis/  = Alice

Carroll = /Ke/ + /Rol/ Þ /Re/ + /Kol/ = Recall

So it seems very reasonable that "Lewis Carroll" was generated from "Alice Recall".


























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