Ampere-hours to coulombs conversion

Ampere-hours (Ah) to coulombs (C) electric charge conversion calculator and how to convert.

Ampere-hours to coulombs calculator

Enter the electrical charge in ampere-hours and press the Convert button:

Coulombs result: C

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How to convert ampere-hours to coulombs

1C = 2.7778⋅10-4Ah


1Ah = 3600C

Ampere-hours to coulombs formula

The charge in coulombs Q(C) is equal to the charge in ampere-hours Q(Ah) times 3600:

Q(C) = Q(Ah) × 3600


Convert 3 ampere-hours to coulombs:

Q(C) = 3Ah × 3600 = 10800C

Ampere-hours to coulombs table

Charge (ampere-hours) Charge (coulomb)
0 Ah 0 C
0.001 Ah 3.6 C
0.01 Ah 36 C
0.1 Ah 360 C
1 Ah 3600 C
10 Ah 36000 C
100 Ah 360000 C
1000 Ah 3600000 C


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