Is there life after death?

Does afterlife exist? Is there life after death?

Since most people are afraid to die, they invented the concept of afterlife.
Many people believe that they have a soul which will continue to exist after they die. This illusion gives them confidence.
On the other hand there are people who will say that there is no afterlife and death is final.
I think that these both explanations are partially true and partially false - the truth is in the middle.
There is life after death. After you die, your genes and way of thinking will continue to leave in many other people. Some of them will be your children. But since about most of the genes of all people are the same, many other people share your genes. What you teach your children will pass to them. So actually you will continue to exist in this manner.
Imagine a germ that is multiplying in the following way, every day the germ creates an exact replication of him and then dies. So there is a single infinite chain of germs that are born and die. One day the germ starts to cry - I don't want to die, I am afraid to die, why this will happen to me? This seems funny, since the germ actually continues to live in an infinite chain. But aren't humans pretty much the same?


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