Notepad's Old Text has moved to https server.

If you have old text, due to browser restrictions, you need to copy notepad's text and paste it in the notepad page:

  • Select text (Ctrl+A)
  • Copy text (Ctrl+C)
  • Go back to the notepad.html page
  • Paste text (Ctrl+V)

If text does not show try opening these links: click here, or click here.

If it still does not work, please see instructions below.

If it still does not work and you use Google Chrome browser, you may try the following stages.
It is working fine with my browser, but not fully tested, so do it at your own risk:

  1. Open new window - not in incognito/private mode.
  2. Disable Chrome's redirect cache (do not clear browsing data - it might erase your text)
  3. Delete domain security policy: Go to chrome://net-internals/#hsts. Enter (or, under Delete domain security policies and press the Delete button.
  4. Go to in the same window. Make sure the URL starts with http and not with https.


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